CSDA offers a wide range of modular programs in Creative Media Arts, Animation & Design, and Game Development. This program is offered to people who are keen on developing skills in the different areas of Digital Arts and Game Development. This program aims to help students master different skills and build portfolio that could help them  to move forward in a career in the creative media  and game development industry.

CSDA Baguio Animation and Design

This program aims to provide students with skills needed to succeed in the field of Animation. The students are guided to take classes in Basic Animation, Storyboarding, Character Design, Background Design, 3D Modelling, and Action Scripting for Animation.

For Japanese art enthusiasts, we also added Anime and Manga Comics drawing classes. While for students who seek to upgrade skills in Cartooning, we also have program for Simple, Regular and Realistic Cartooning. 

CSDA Baguio Creative Media Arts

This innovative course offers lively mix of creative practice which ensures that learning is stimulating, cutting edge, and relevant to the creative industry.

Core Competencies in this discipline covers Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Digital Photography, and Digital Illustration.

csda baguio - gamedevelopment

This course will give an introduction to computer game development starting from concept development to implementation of a playable game prototype. Both the aesthetic and technical aspects of game development will be covered. The aesthetic component of the course will focus on story and character development, game mechanics, game play and interface design and content creation for games. The technical component will focus on programming tools and concepts for games.

Students will start from basic game idea and at the end of the program develop their own playable prototype.