• The Creative Expert, the Humble Leader, the Family Man

    WHEN Raul Boncan fell in love with cartoons, he infected the whole world with it.

    In 2007, Raul started the Cordillera School for Digital Animation Inc. (CSDA) and stands today as partner to one of the fastest growing animation companies in the Philippines, Xentrix Toons Inc., which is a full service 2D animation studio here in Baguio with an office in Makati.

    The dream was born and since then Raul has made Baguio City not only his home but also a hub for digital animation, standing as CEO of CSDA.

  • Paving the way for young animators

    CORDILLERA School of Digital Arts (CSDA) is ready for the summer!

    Daryl Augusto Guzman, assistant trainer, is ready to inspire young animators in short courses in hand drawn, basic 2D digital animation and advance 2D digital animation.

    The 23-year-old will be handling summer programs for kids starting from those aged 5 to 10 to make summer fun and impart important life skills for future careers.

  • Igniting Creative Passion

    TWO learning institutions. K to 12. Digital Arts. And, a Kelley.

    A challenge presents itself! It is not everyday we get the opportunity to be a partner with another institution of learning, more so, a Christian school where we expect a values driven organization to provide top-notch individuals who wish to collaborate and who wish to have their first experience in digital arts training.

  • Summer Time, Art Time

    SUMMER is definitely here!

    And, now have a chance to learn while having fun! Joining Cordillera School of Digital Arts Inc.’s Summer Arts and Animation Workshop will provide you opportunities to put your artistic skills to use alongside your interests. It is also a chance to get to know others who have similar interests and have a great time to learn and experience activities not usual in the classroom setting.

  • Leadership

    LEADERS are both made and born.

    In the bustling digital community, breaking away from the bandwagon has set the CSDA apart from other schools.

    At the heart of these Cordillera School of Digital Arts innovations are leaders molded by the company to slowly become industry giants with the heart and passion for collaborative creations.

  • Leading the way for Pinoy animators with Xentrix

    The time for Filipino animators is now.

    The Baguio based ZigZag Studios started with the resolve to provide opportunities for Filipino animators that is why a strategic alliance with the Indian based Xentrix Studios Pvt, LTD was made.

  • An Animated Journey

    PUSHING for an animation industry in Baguio and the entire country has given the Cordillera School of Digital Arts (CSDA) a colorful journey over a decade of lessons learned by paving the path to where we are today. With a mission to be the leading digital arts school that is relevant, innovative and team driven.