Daryl Augusto Guzman

csda baguio daryl
Faculty Member
Superhero Nickname

Mr. Legen… wait for it… Daryl!

Here's a little info about me:

After nishing Multimedia Arts in STI Baguio, I decided to pursue animation as soon as I was presented with the opportunity. I’m a pretty laidback person who has no qualms about spending an entire weekend relaxing at home. I love Science and Arts and I also enjoy learning new things especially about technology and life.

CSDA Moment :
How did you get to know CSDA? What do you love most about CSDA?

I first learned about CSDA through the local newspaper. I was browsing through the pages one Sunday morning and the advertisement instantly caught my attention. When I finally enrolled at CSDA, I really loved how hands-on and practical the modules are. The instructors were also very approachable, talented and inspiring

Creative Eurika :
What is the most creative moment you had in your life?

After learning how to animate step-by-step, I felt a surge of creativity and excitement. I gained more confidence with my drawing skills and felt happy because my artistic perspectives got broader and I can use these skills in the future.

Power Up :
If you were a superhero what would be your superhero powers?

My superpowers would be to grow trees instantly.

Cloud Nine :
What would be your perfect weekend? Your superhero Getaway

The perfect weekend for me would be getting hauled up in a treehouse while playing video games and chilling with my family and my girlfriend.

Skeddable :
What is you most embarrassing or funny moments that you badly wanted to leave like a lightning?

When I was in 6th grade, I was playing tag with my classmates.I stepped on a puddle and slipped that I was so soaked!

My Quest :
If you were a superhero what is your life mission/quest? Also, can you please give an inspiring quote/encouragement to other artist?

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them all is my real test, To train them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Teach Pokemon to understand the power that’s inside!
Kidding aside, I think there’s been too much industrialization in the world that Earth is losing space to breathe. Thus, a superpower that would help me give back to Mother Nature is more plausible and useful.

Additional Information:
Qualifications/Awards/Achievements/Professional Background, indicate years of experience and different backgrounds and certifications

My first experience in media arts was in the wedding industry where I worked as a photo editor/ photographer for 2 years. I also passed the national certification for 2D Digital Animation NCIII.