Nino Jose Seriosa

csda baguio nino
Graphic Designer and Faculty member
Superhero Nickname


Here's a little info about me:

I could be very enthusiastic and I love to learn and read.

CSDA Moment :
How did you get to know CSDA? What do you love most about CSDA?

I was only accompanying a friend to take the exams for nc2… i pushed through instead.

That 3-second fame at “Guhit ng Tadhana”…longest exposure on a video….ever! still gets a laugh out of it.

Power Up :
If you were a superhero what would be your superhero powers?

Ray eyes

Cloud Nine :
What would be your perfect weekend? Your superhero Getaway

Sleep. sleep. sleep

Skeddable :
What is you most embarrassing or funny moments that you badly wanted to leave like a lightning?

That 3-second video interview.

My Quest :
If you were a superhero what is your life mission/quest? Also, can you please give an inspiring quote/encouragement to other artist?

World peace

Additional Information:
Qualifications/Awards/Achievements/Professional Background, indicate years of experience and different backgrounds and certifications
  • National Certificate in Animation NCII and 2D Digital Artist
  • Graphic Designer