Raul Boncan Jr.

csda raul boncan
The Creative Expert, The Humble Leader, The Family Man

When Raul Boncan fell in love with cartoons, he infected the whole world with it.

In 2007, Raul stared the Cordillera School for Digital Animation Inc. (CSDA) and stands today as partner to one of the fastest growing animation companies in the Philippines, Xentrix Toons, Inc., which is a full service 2D animation in Baguio with an office in Makati.

The dream was born and since then Raul has made Baguio City not only his home but also a hub for digital animation, standing as President of CSDA.

Raul’s childhood love for animation fueled his passion to bring animation to the country, choosing to make the Pine City his base, where the animation scene is now booming. He has now taken the CSDA vision and mission with the academe to equip students with competencies included in their curriculum through High Schools and Universities training for K+12 requirements in the Visual Arts programs and the One Asean Initiative by becoming a pilot institution providing actual internships to member countries under the Asean Economic Community programs.

Core competencies at the CSDA has made the Filipino animator world class which humbly started with 15 CSDA animators who gambled with him on their first project, the team was born and from there, the start of something big began.

At the helm of the CSDA, Raul remains to be very approachable and can be pictured as the modern leader who knows the balance of allowing you to be creative and being decisive.

Raul as a leader is described to be kind-hearted and has the tendency to be as a father figure even in workplace, making CSDA, truly a family. Because of this, the institution is armed with an advocacy for the youth to have a career in the creative industry which is enough to inspire and drive his staff to meet the goal.

His legacy of providing opportunities for Filipino animators became a bustling reality with the mission to promote a Curriculum to Career model aiming to train students to qualify for a job in the creative and animation industry. “The strategic linkage to Xentrix Toons will allow CSDA access to the growing job market demands for its trainees and at the same time give a stable source of qualified talent to the animation studio; it’s a very attractive symbiotic relationship that is not present in other business models.”

Raul’s dream has now become everyone’s reality with the CSDA leading the way.

As a family man, Raul is a hands-on dad to three kids Paco, Maia and Hannah and a supportive husband to Donna, the love of his life, partner and best friend.